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3D Interior Design (One Room up to 30m2)

3D Interior Design (One Room up to 30m2)

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Don't miss out on our Summer Sale! For a limited time only, get our professional 3D design services for just $149 per room

Introducing our premium 3D interior design package, perfect for anyone looking to create a stunning, personalized space. With this package, you'll receive two 4K quality renders of one room, allowing you to fully visualize your design before making any physical changes to your space.

Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to ensure your unique vision is brought to life. Once you place your order, simply email us with the details of your project, including any specific styles or colors you want us to include. We'll take care of the rest!

Our fast delivery ensures that you'll receive your renders in no time, allowing you to make any necessary revisions and start implementing your design as soon as possible. Plus, with one revision included in the package, you can rest assured that your final product will meet your expectations.

Investing in our 3D interior design package is the perfect way to transform your space and create a beautiful, functional environment that reflects your unique style. Let us help you bring your vision to life!

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frequently asked questions


What’s included in Liana Design’s Interior Design Package?

This packages include two renders in high quality based on specifications and requirements.

How much do our designers charge?

Our interior design price list is simple: Liana Design charges a flat fee per room not per square feet. Our design package is $499.

Will I be charged per square foot?

There are no square foot fees for our packages. However, if you have a open concept, such as a great room with a kitchen and living area, you must buy two rooms

How much does traditional interior design cost?

The average cost of interior design is $5600, but it can vary by location and experience level. Online interior design is usually more cost effective and convenient than in-person meetings. We always charge a simple flat fee per room.

Are interior designers expensive?

The advantages of using our service are that you collaborate virtually with an interior designer, thus cutting costs. You can work with your designer any time, anywhere, as our platform eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings and consultations.

How do I communicate with my designer after i place a order?

Via the Live chat system in the bottom left of the website you can enter your order number and connect with your interior designer. Once connected, you can share files, links and information with your designer.

Do you also recommend paints and finishes?

We have professional interior designers on staff to help you nail every aspect of your room design, from choosing paint colors to choosing fixtures and finishes.

How does our Room Design service work?

We’ll ask you to fill out your project details via e-mail or chat after you purchase your Room Design. Simply answer a few questions, upload some images, and let us know where you found your inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram etc.

After completing your questionnaire, we will get started on the design. You will receive your one 3D Render within 3-4 weeks. You will then be able to give feedback on your concepts to help refine your design

What's the delivery time for designs?

Our usual delivery time is 3-4 weeks, depending on circumstances such as holidays or excess of orders this may vary.

What's a 3D Interior Render?

3D renering in interior design entails the use of visualisation software to showcase your ideas, floor plans, decor, or furniture design. 3D renders are a more effective and modern way to present ideas and possible combinations of incorporated style

Our online interior design process is designed to help you maximize your decorating budget.

With one flat fee you won’t get any surprise costs!